You are currently viewing Márcio Calixto (Stenamina Boat, Vesuvia) disponibiliza “pepitas discográficas” para venda
Foto: Márcio Calixto e Tarsila do Amaral no MASP em São Paulo (Reprodução/Facebook)

Márcio Calixto (Stenamina Boat, Vesuvia) disponibiliza “pepitas discográficas” para venda

Músico paulista também voltou aos palcos recentemente, abrindo para o Finis Africae no Madame

Por Luiz Athayde

O vocalista, músico, compositor, poeta e radialista, Márcio Calixto, não parece dar sinais de descanso. Veterano do underground alternativo paulistano, a voz da banda Stenamina Boat – e do Vesuvia – recentemente reestreou no palco do Madame Club, abrindo para o lendário Finis Africae, também comemorando seu retorno às atividades sônicas.

Com o Stenamina ele divulga o mais recente e inspiradíssimo EP, Chuva Imóvel, que inclusive ganhou ‘selo de indicação’ em resenha no Class Of Sounds (leia aqui).

Como todos os artistas e o chamado pessoal da “graxa” (trabalhadores da retaguarda dos shows, como roadies, operadores de luz, som, etc) que lidam diretamente com a música, a pandemia acertou em cheio a saúde mental e, por assim dizer, financeira; muitos ficaram à deriva, contando vaquinhas virtuais, editais emergenciais ou mesmo barateado itens do próprio catálogo, como um complemento da receita do que recebem de direitos autoriais.

Calixto foi um pouco além ao trazer seu acervo pessoal de quase 200 CDs, entre new wave, indie, pós-punk, eletrônico e muitas outras vertentes alternativas. Os preços podem variar de acordo com o grau de raridade do item – nada que um bom colecionador não saiba.

Confira a lista completa abaixo:

CD Rechenzentrum – The John Peel Session
CD Piano Magic – Writers Without Homes
CD Old Time Relijun – La Sirena de Pecera
CD Xasthur – The Funeral of Being
CD Prosaics – Aghast Agape
CD Prolapse – The Italian Flag
CD The Pastels – The Last Great Wilderness
CD Luna – Leyfou Mer Ao Begia Bogn Binni
CD Simon Webbe Grace
CD Sunburned Hand of The Man – The Secret in Disguise
CD Psapp – The Only Thing I Ever Wanted
CD Moby – Bring Back My Happiness
CD Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad 1
CD Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad 2
CD The Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra La La Band – Born into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward
CD Galaxie 500 – On Fire
CD Aki Tsuyuko – Ongakushitsu
CD Alexandre St-Onge – Mon Animal Est Possible
CD Rainer Maria – Long Knives Drawn
CD Beirut – Gulag Orkestar
CD His Name Is Alive – Someday My Blues Will Cover the Earth
CD His Name Is Alive – Ft Lake
CD His Name Is Alive – Can’t Always Be Loved
CD His Name Is Alive – Last Night
CD His Name Is Alive – Mouth by Mouth
CD Angelblood – Labia Minora
CD Miss Murgatroid – Myoclyonie Melodies
CD Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden – Bella Neurox
CD Library Tapes – Alone in The Bright Lights of a Shattered Life
CD Oren Ambarchi – Graps from the Estate
CD David Sylvian – Blemish
CD Stephen O’Malley & Z’ev – Magistral
CD William Lazarus – Like Trees We Grow Up To be Satellites
CD Six Organs of Admittance – Compathía
CD Scheer – Infliction
CD Stereolab – Sound-Dust
CD Stereolab – Peng
CD Stereolab – Space Age Batchelor Pad Music
CD Stereolab – Switched on Stereolab
CD Pavement – Wowee Zowee
CD Laurie Anderson – Strange Angels
CD Nirvana – Nirvana
CD Secretly Canadian – Scout Niblett I Am
CD Mon – Main Gauche
CD Neutral Mikl Hotel – Everything Is (2 unidades do mesmo título)
CD Neutral Milk Hotel – On Avery Island
CD Stereolab – Refried Ectoplasm
CD Movietone – Day and Night
CD Movietone – The Blossom Filled Streets
CD Flying Saucer Attack – Flying Saucer Attack
CD ARE Weapons – ARE Weapons
CD The Magnetic Fields – The Charm of The Highway Strip
CD Scount Niblett – Kidnapped by Neptune
CD Vários – What’s Up Matador (2 CD)
CD Diamanda Galas – Vena Cava
CD Diamanda Galas – The Litanies of Satan
CD Unwound – Repetition
CD Future Bible Heroes – Lonely Days
CD Medicine – Shot Forth Self Living
CD Medicine – The Buried Life
CD Cranes – Forever
CD Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Worn Copy
CD The Microphones – The Glow Pt 2
CD Grotus – Slow Motion Apocalypse
CD East River Pipe – Poor Fricky
CD Godspeed You Black Emperor – Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
CD Diamanda Galas – Malediciton and Prayer
CD Fennesz – Venice
CD Autechre – Peel Session 2
CD Lethe – Catastrophe Point #5
CD Soft Canyon – Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings
CD Ghost Digital – In Cod We Trust
CD Hannah Marcus – Desert Farmers
CD Daniel Menche – Eye on The Steel
CD The Slow Motion World of Snowpony
CD Solstafir – Masterpiece of Bitterness
CD Solex – Solex vs. The Hitmeister
CD The Dears – Gang of Losers
CD Arcade Fire – Funeral
CD Marianne Faithfull – 20th Century Blues
CD Agona – Homo Grotescus
CD The Strokes – Room On Fire
CD William Basinski – 92982
CD The Raveonettes – Chain Gang of Love
CD Ratatat – Ratatat
CD The Shins – Wincing The Night Away
CD Luna – Pup Tent
CD Luna – Bewitched
CD Automagic – Worm Is Green
CD Boredoms – Vol 2 Compiled & Dj Mixed by Ken Ishi
CD Pachora – Ast
CD Fennesz – Black Sea
CD Tindersticks – Waiting For The Moon
CD The 5 6 7 8’s – Bomb The Twist
CD Coco Rosie – La Maison de Mon Reve
CD Animal Collective – Here Comes The Indian
CD My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything
CD My Bloody Valentine – Tremolo
CD Hrsta – Stem Stem in Electro
CD Blood On The Wall – Awesomer
CD April March – Chrominance Decoder
CD Stephen Merritt – Eban & Charley (Original Soundtrack)
CD Jane – Berserker
CD Gary Glitter – Rock and Roll: Greatest Hits
CD Angels of Light & Akron Family
CD Alpha – Come From Heaven
CD Akos Garai – Til Odslig Horisont
CD The Durutti Column – Factory Once
CD Be Your Own Pet – Be Your Own Pet
CD Metalux – Victim of Space
CD Migala – Arde
CD The Russian Futurists – Our Thickness
CD Looper – Up a Tree
CD Check the Water – Selections From The Leaf Label’s First Ten Years (2 CD)
CD Michael Leviton – My Favorite Place to Drown
CD Liquorice – Listening Cap
CD The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan
CD Wolf Parade – Wolf Parade
CD Kristin Hersh – Hips and Makers
CD Kristin Hersh – Sky Motel
CD Hood – Cabled Linear Traction
CD Alec K Redfearn and The Eyesores – The Quiet Room
CD Moby – 18
CD The Skygreen Leopards – Life & Love in Sparrows Meadow
CD Six Organs of Admittance – The Manifestation
CD Jandek – Khartoum
CD Bedhead – Beheaded
CD Phantasmagoria – Music of John Corigliano
CD Fursaxa – Amulet
CD The Gentle Waves – The Grren Fields od Foreverland
CD Ghost – Hypnotic Underworld
CD Fuck – Conduct
CD Kevin Drumm – Imperial Distortion
CD Cul de Sac – Death of
The Sun

CD Kimono – Mineur Aggessif
CD The Black Heart Procession
CD Foehn – Silent Night
CD The Black Heart Procession
CD Foehn – Silent Night
CD The Fall – The More You Look The Less You Find (2 CD)
CD The Fall – The War Against Intelligence: The Fontana Years
CD Pulp – This Is Hardcore
CD Pulp – Different Class
CD Talking Heads – Popular Favorites 1976-1992 (2 CD)
CD Vashti Bunyan – Lookaftering
CD Nouvelle Vague – Nouvelle Vague
CD Slowdive – Pygmalion
CD Slowdive – Just For a Day
CD Objeto Amarelo – Panzer Tunel
CD Chavez – Gone Glimmering

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